New bike (again)

The blue Schwinn & I just didn’t work out.  I tried with three different baskets and two different racks to make that bike into something useful for me, and nothing would fit. I got really good at disassembling the rear break assembly and removing the rear fender, though.  So I sold her on Craigslist, which is where I found this beauty. Brown is definitely my color.


It’s a Columbia Tourist three speed, no idea of the year. It has a Sturmey-Archer hub, chain guard, and fenders. As you can see, I was able to easily add a rack and basket.  And a bell. I love that bell.  My friends say it needs a wicker basket (and a little dog, too), but that can come later.


The bike is in great shape. It’s solid, and has only a bit of surface rust, that I’m slowly removing.  I think it’s so cool that  my bike is local. Columbia is based in Westfiled, MA, which is about 2 hours from me. What’s cooler, though is that the bike was originally purchased from City Cycle in Lynn, MA, which is the next town over.


I love this bike. I love riding it. I love working on it. This is the right bike for me. I took it for an 8 mile ride into Marblehead and back on Sunday, and I loved it. The Marblehead path is awesome, and such a good ride. Last night I rode to my dance class, and took these photos along Palmer Cove.




It’s so beautiful to see the community garden right next to the ocean. It was so quiet. The only sounds were the lapping of the waves and the rattling of my bike as I traversed the potholes.  The ride in was great, by the ride home was better. It was 11:30pm and there was no one around. The stillness was absolute (except for my bike and the potholes) and the water was even calmer.  The moon was hazy, so there was just the teeniest bit of light coming from above, and there were no cars on my route to distract me.  That short night ride was as close to perfect as I could wish.


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2 responses to “New bike (again)

  1. Hi,
    Can you email me about test knitting the shawl?
    Thanks for the offer!

  2. vegyear

    I’ve thought about biking to dance class and I figure I’d be too tired (both me generally and my legs specifically) for the ride home. It’s good to hear that it works! Sometime this summer, I’ll have to convince my husband to ride with me.

    I’m glad to hear you found a bike that really works for you. Hooray for local, too! She’s a nice bike and looks comfortable to ride.

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