Review: Savers, East Providence, RI

I had to go to Rhode Island for work recently, so I took a detour to Savers in East Providence to see what they had.

The East Providence location is HUGE, much bigger than my local Savers… the space could have been a good-sized TJ Maxx before it became Savers.

There was the same basic organization (color and size) that makes it so easy to shop at Savers, but there was at least 3x as much stuff than at my local. I only had an hour, so I powered through the store, using Snake Eyes, and concentrated on women’s clothing, practically skipping books, housewares and bedding.

The quality of merchandise is much better at E. Providence, and that is reflected in the prices. Things were priced $2-4 more than at Danvers. The selection was quality, though. Very few Forever 21 and Wal-Mart branded clothes. I found an amazing dove grey silk cocktail dress, that was perfect for dancing (light, airy, allowed for movement, easy care) but it just didn’t fit right, so it went back to the rack. I got a cute Harry Potter t-shirt, a classic A-line black skirt, and a pair of ass-tastic jeans. The kind of jeans that make your ass look fanastic. The kind of jeans that come along once  in a blue moon. The kind of jeans I don’t have to take in at the waist or wear a belt. The kind of jeans that are worth every penny, and thankfully, cost a penny junder $10. Which is the only way I can afford $130 jeans.

I like the styles of clothing they have, and I wouldn’t mind going back if I’m down that way again.

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