Boston Tweed Ride

I did my first group ride yesterday-the Boston Tweed Ride. The day began with an easy ride to the Beverly Depot to catch the train into Boston. At the Salem stop 4 other tweedy cyclists got on and we chatted all the way into North Station. From there we cycled along the esplanade to the starting point of the ride in Brighton. So, before the ride officially started I’d biked about 6 miles.

There were about 50 people on the ride,  and we spent about an hour taking photos, complementing each other’s outfits and bicycles. I stood in line for 30 minutes in an attempt to score free hot dogs, but that failed.  We started the ride by crossing the river into Cambridge and then cycled through Boston along Comm Ave and into Kenmore Square. This photo’s from the start of the ride.

Everyone’s waiting patiently at the red light.

Partway through- Just after crossing the Longfellow Bridge:

It was really impressive to ride with a group. In fact, this was my first time riding with other people. Great sense of camaraderie, and it was so much fun to ride down Mass Ave with everyone ringing their bells. It was great that almost everyone had bells. A few people yelled out “Ding, ding!”, but that just added to the fun.

I made a dress especially for the ride. The pattern is McCalls 5094 and the fabric is a 1930s reproduction print called Irish Flowers from Sunbonnet Sue.  I got it at Sewfisticated in Somerville for $3/yard.  I finished the neckline and armholes with green bias tape, to complete the retro look. It really goes with the style of my bike. The best part of this dress is the full, below the knee skirt that is perfect for cycling: provides coverage without getting caught in the wheels.

I didn’t take too many photos-I was too busy riding. And talking. And enjoying myself. But these folks took lots of great photos:

I met a lot of people- geologists, architects, archivists.  Huge thanks to the organizers, and I can’t wait for the fall ride!


This post is my entry in the Let’s Go Ride a Bike Summer Games.

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  1. Hey! Nice to have met a fellow Summer Games player, even if I didn’t know it at the time. Thanks for the extra photo links– was curious where some of the snaps were ending up. I’m loving the sepia tone over at davidmorris’s flickr!

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