Those are my measurements.

Some other ones:

  • Height: 5’5″
  • Weight: 170-ish
  • Upper arm: 14″
  • Calf: 16.5″

What this means, practically, is that I can’t fit into knee-high boots (even some of the wide calf ones aren’t wide enough). My legs won’t fit into skinny jeans.

My arms won’t fit into most tailored shirts. I wear a 38B bra, so things that fit my arms are a giant sack everywhere else.

According to this list, I’m a plus-size sewist. I routinely cut out a 12 shoulder, and grade up to an 18 waist. I don’t consider myself plus size, because my body image is still of the 20 year old, 110lb college me. I was happy buying size 10 jeans 2 years ago, but last year, I had to buy new jeans every month because I was gaining weight (thanks, escitalopram!) and now I hove between a 12-14. I’m muscular, except around my middle (again, thanks, escitalopram!!). I love my legs- 20 years of dancing, along with soccer, bicycling, and swimming have made me strong. Lately, I’ve started rowing and my arms and shoulders and back are becoming stronger. I’d love to lose the 20lbs I gained this year, but dancing and exercising 3-5 times a week has only kept me stable. There was a cold snap in January, where it got down to the single digits, and I had no pants that would fit. I wore skirts and fleece tights for a week until I was able to buy new clothes that fit. I’m not used to my current body.

This was made painfully obvious when I cut out a pattern based on my “old” measurements and expected it to magically fit. And it wouldn’t button.

Instead of making clothes for my ideal body, I should be making ideal clothes for my body.


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2 responses to “44-40-40

  1. I have the same issue with boots and always wanted a pair of knee boots. I love skirts and boots make it so much easier in the winter. I have a 42cm calf. I buy boots from duo (sure you can google search it), and they are amazing! Hope you can find some.

  2. I have the same problem with boots, even when I’m not carrying extra weight (which I am at the moment) as I’m 155cm tall. They are out there (google “wide calf boots”) and normal ones with larger stretchy sections, but it takes a lot more shopping time.
    I too think of myself the way I used to be, back when I could buy RTW. This year I’m concentrating on understanding my body shape and my personal style. Now I’m sewing for my current body. It’s taking a lot of effort, particularly in finding the most flattering styles, but it’s worth it. When I make a garment that fits and flatters I feel great.

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